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The observation information of the voltage test is the logic output value of the circuit under test. This method obtains the logical output value of the corresponding circuit by inputting different test vectors to the circuit, and then compares the collected logical output value of the circuit with the expected logical output value of the circuit corresponding to the input vector to achieve the purpose of detecting whether the circuit can achieve the expected logical function in the actual opera...
After the packaging process of integrated circuit (IC) chips, they must be strictly tested to ensure the quality of products. Chip appearance inspection is an essential and important link, which directly affects the quality of IC products and the smooth progress of subsequent production links. There are three methods for appearance inspection: First, the traditional manual inspection method mainly relies on visual inspection and manual inspection, which is not reliable, low detection effic...
1、 According to the number of microelectronic devices integrated on a chip, integrated circuits can be divided into the following categories: Small scale integration (SSI) has less than 10 logic gates or less than 100 transistors. There are 11-100 logic gates or 101-1k transistors in the medium scale integration (MSI). Large scale integration (LSI) has 101-1k logic gates or 1001-10k transistors. There are 1001-10k logic gates or 10001-100k transistors in very large scale integration (VLSI)....
Integrated circuit is a kind of micro electronic device or component, which interconnects the transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other elements and wiring required in a circuit by a certain process, makes them on a small or several small semiconductor wafers or dielectric substrates, and then packages them in a tube shell to become a micro structure with the required circuit functions; All the components have been integrated in structure, making the electronic components a...
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