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VOSSEL EL ECTRONIC DESIGN CO.,LTD.is a professional IC design company, we design, production and sales digital and analog integrated circuit chips.

With advanced design automation tools and experienced design team, and with the global foundry, packaging and testing cooperative partners, we are aiming to deliver high-tech products and services for our customers.

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Vs705-vs708/vs813 series microprocessor monitoring circuit is mainly used for monitoring the power supply and battery voltage of the microprocessor, which can effectively reduce the complexity of the system and the number of peripheral components, thus improving the stability and accuracy of the system.

The vs705 / vs706 / vs813 provides the following four functions:
(1) Power on and power down reset function number
(2) An independent watchdog circuit
(3) The voltage detection threshold of 1.22V is used for power down alarm, battery low voltage detection, etc
(4) Low active manual reset input
Vs707 / vs708 has the same functions as vs705 / vs706 except that it has a high-level active reset output terminal and no watchdog circuit. Vs813 has the same functions as vs705 except that it provides a high-level active reset signal Like.

Vs705-vs708 / ns813 series microprocessor monitoring circuit provides two monitoring levels. Vs705 / ns707ns813 outputs a reset signal when the power supply voltage is lower than 4.65v; And the vs706 / ns708 outputs a reset signal when the power supply voltage is lower than 4.4 volts.
This series of circuits provides two packages: DIP8 and so8.
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